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Linguine for Christmas

This has got to be the worst Christmas present given this year. It was given to my dentist by her sister-in-law. Advertisements

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Chinese bus drivers stage work stoppage

CHINESE BUS DRIVERS STAGE WORK STOPPAGE IN S’PORE (AFP, 26 Nov) – More than 100 mainland Chinese bus drivers in Singapore refused to work on Monday in a rare case of labour mass action in the city-state. The drivers, disgruntled … Continue reading

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English and Chinese station announcements in trains sans Malay and Tamil

Recently, SMRT has started making English and Chinese announcements in the trains. Before every station, English and Chinese (Mandarin) announcements are made. Other announcements like no eating in the trains, security alert etc are still made randomly in four official … Continue reading

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Why can’t we also have free medical treatment?

“Look at how much I was asked to pay for my medicine. For $299, the pharmacist charged C$0.01!!! – One cent! When I had my stroke in May 2012, the three weeks hospital stay at Vancouver General Hospital, specialist treatment … Continue reading

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When Visitors to your Blog are Retards

Someone hiding behind the initials “KM” used the comment function of another blog to attack Lohcifer for something Lohcifer said in his October 3 post about taxis. KM wrote: Lohcifer wrote on his blog: “Well, ok, so Prof Lee hails from Taiwan, … Continue reading

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