When Visitors to your Blog are Retards


Someone hiding behind the initials “KM” used the comment function of another blog to attack Lohcifer for something Lohcifer said in his October 3 post about taxis.

KM wrote:

Lohcifer wrote on his blog: “Well, ok, so Prof Lee hails from Taiwan, plus he’s an engineer and Taiwanese and engineers are not the most eloquent of people insofar as my own personal experiences with the Taiwanese and with engineers are concerned.”

I object to Lohcifer’s racist remarks about Taiwanese. He should try debating with them in Chinese and see who is more eloquent.

(Note: sorry to hijack Gintai’s blog, but the coward Lohcifer doesn’t dare to open his comments page, hence I’m responding to him in this blog.)

Lohcifer didn’t believe in dignifying this dumbass with a reply.

Someone already did. Isn’t it nice to have someone speak up for you? During a private discussion at a closed-door forum of bloggers, when the conversation was about retards like KM, an infuriated eyewitness – a prominent local blogger himself – who caught KM’s comments just before Gintai deleted it made the following remarks. Below is an edited transcript of what he said, which was taped:

Allow me to just say that judging from what was written it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise that this person “KM” is either a depraved swallower of Taiwanese cum or a licker of louse-ridden Taiwanese cunts, with a low level of education, IQ same as his or her shoe size, and absolutely zero EQ.

First, he should get a dictionary to understand the definition of the word “racist.”

Secondly, he obviously thinks the world of this renegade province which became a enclave for quitters who fled the mainland, Mao’s forces hot on their heels, they ran away to this shitty island called Taiwan, led by a two-bit syphilis-infested botak of a warlord who stole away more than half of China’s national treasures.

He thinks Taiwanese Chinese is the lingua franca of the world? I wonder why everyone wants to be a comedian these days. Surely “KM” must be joking. Who the hell wants to waste time debating with the Taiwanese? And he should know that Lohcifer can easily debate him in several languages if he wants to; just pick one. He’ll floor you. When he was working for a multinational corporation from which he resigned a year ago after ten years of service, Lohcifer was known to be the only employee who has achieved a satisfaction index of 98.2% for public speaking, a feat never attained before by anyone else in the company globally, a “record” that remains unbroken till today. (The rating is based on participant feedback.)

KM hides behind a pseudonym, “hijacked” someone else’s blog and he calls Lohcifer a coward? Lohifer a coward? Lohcifer will eat him for lunch and spits out his bones. KM, you won’t even know what hit you.

The blogosphere is proliferated with scrotumless douche bags like that. They use anonymity to compensate for their social deficiency, they should thank their lucky stars stupidity or brainlessness doesn’t cause hurt, otherwise these poor bastards would be suffering pain 24×7!

These pathetic morons don’t have the intellectual firepower to pen their own blog, they just lurk around and make snide comments, they don’t understand what people write. They obviously fail to comprehend what Lohcifer says in a page on his blog entitled “Read This First: Raison D’être” and they obviously don’t have the brains to grasp what Lohcifer has written. Lohcifer has opined that his own experience with the Taiwanese and with engineers is that they are not eloquent. Lohcifer is correct for I have seen (among other mis-steps) a Taiwanese engineer misquoting an idiom by saying “pork calling the cattle black” instead of “pot calling the kettle black!” So I believe shitheads like “KM” probably can’t spell their own name for nuts and they miss the point. They don’t see the big picture. Lohcifer’s post was about taxis, for crying out loud. These trigger-happy, shoot-from-the-hip idiots overestimate their own intelligence, and they have zero guts to confront those they disagree with eyeball to eyeball, toenail to toenail, they have no life, so they visit blogs, crap without thinking, trawl, talk rubbish through their ass and generally stir shit. They should wash their mouth out with Clorox and blowtorch their tongue.

Gintai has the good sense to bar his comments. Those hiding behind anonymity, and spewing vitriol, to borrow the words of Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam, should be banned from making comments on blogs. Those who wish to comment should have the guts to be held accountable, to stand up for what they believe in and use to their real names. “KM” is a wuss of the worst kind; he has zero credibility. He is the real coward who has no guts to say the things he said face-to-face with anyone, hiding behind two alphabets gives him invisibility and a sense of invincibility, so he lowers his self-control and lashes out. Doesn’t he know that every comment made by anyone on any blog can be tracked back to the very computer from which the comment originated?

Indeed Lohcifer told me that every visitor to his site is being tracked. Whenever you visit, your IP address, your browser and version, your operating system, the time and date of your visit, the site from which you came, the country you reside in, even the name of your ISP, etc are all stored in a log file and/or database and used for analysis. How do you think we bloggers protect ourselves? Lohcifer has a string of post-graduate degrees and worked for some 30 years in high tech, cutting edge environments. You think he’s stupid?

It’s official: perverts and born losers like “KM” need help.

They need to be euthanized.

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