Kith or Kin; Kin or Kith? Does it Matter?

Sometimes you expect friends to stand by you but you’ll end up disappointed. But that’s kinda normal. But what is not normal is when your own sibling turns against you! Read this email from a friend:

One moment it was about getting in touch with her inner self, the next was her desire to reach a certain level of consciousness, then it was meditation in monasteries and convents overseas and next it was about gaining enlightenment – you know the type, lonely, discombobulated, unfulfilled, unmarried, vacant woman spouting new-agey shit. As a friend I supported her, stood by her, sent her off at airports and received her back countless times. I was there when her trysts with some ang moh ended on a sad note, I was there by her side as she flirted with and jumped from one harebrained scheme to yet another, saw her went through her emo, irrational states, witnessed her losing it, agonized as I observed her made a fool of herself.

Then after a long silence a SMS came out of the blue. Ah, I told myself, she probably needs me for something or other again.

True enough, the SMS was followed by an email the next day introducing some stranger she called “friend.” For good measure she added that my sister was their mutual friend. Someone once said that kindness is this: you take home an injured dog, nurse it back to health and feed it. It disappears without a word of thanks. Then months later you hear something at your door. You look and lo and behold, the dog is back, with another injured dog. Ingrate!

So her friend emailed me. He wanted to sell a leadership training program to the market and he wanted to buy me coffee. Ok another one of those. If people need you, they sure know how to find you.

I replied saying I’m unable to assist, perhaps to try SIM, MDIS?

The response back was brusque, rude and made me wonder who the hell this guy thought he was, behaving as if the world owes him a living. That son-of-bitch acted as if it was my duty and obligation to assist him. With an attitude like that, no one would really. I had thought that she and my sis would be more discerning in deciding whom they call “friend.” Shared that with her and with my sis, not surprisingly the response was expected. Being the ever-loving sibling that she was my sis fired the first salvo. Her email to me was blank but the message was on the subject line: “I don’t choose friends according to YOUR standards.”

This was followed by “I don’t need, nor WANT to know how ‘disappointed’ you are about my friends” among other rhetoric.

Yup this from my very own sister, my only sibling. And they say blood is thicker than water? Well, it doesn’t apply to some people apparently.

After that assault from my sis, the protagonist followed suit with: “You are behaving like a bastard and I agree with your sister – I don’t choose my friends and acquaintances using your framework.”

Well and good. Friends can be sacked. Relatives can be disowned. There’s such a thing called “expiry date.”

Beware of lonely, discombobulated, unfulfilled, unmarried, vacant women. They can take years off your life.

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  1. auntielucia says:

    I hate it when the invite is for coffee, 1)as if the other party is too busy to offer something better n 2) hate it doubly when the other party is asking for a favour n is too cheap to buy anything more than a coffee 🙄

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